Understanding growth and identifying existing and future needs for the transportation system is the foundation of a needs-based transportation plan. This information resource displays trends in population, employment, housing, income, and various other socio-demographic characteristics in the Montgomery Region for the present and future years.  Socioeconomic factors drive transportation needs as well as other public and private needs.  How people live, where they live and who they are requires multimodal transportation solutions.  The various economic, social and land development data are obtained from multiple sources including the U.S. Census Bureau including the American Community Survey, the cities and towns within the MPO Study Area and other government agencies.

Addressing transportation needs involves understanding area growth patterns and distribution.  Identifying high growth areas versus stable areas helps to determine what kinds of transportation investment(s), if any, may be needed to serve the community.  Developing growth areas may need new infrastructure or improvements for roadways, improved or new transit service, bicycle and pedestrian improvements, whereas established areas may need maintenance or enhancement investments.  Understanding socioeconomic land use distribution is important since transportation needs vary by conditions.  Below are data by various sources for the Montgomery MPO area.

General County Forecasts

Census Map of America from Census Bureau’s American Community Survey Displaying Demographic Data for 2005-2009