Long Range Transportation Planning

MAP-21, the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, requires that each MPO develop an intermodal transportation plan with at least a 20-year horizon.  The Long Range Transportation Plan addresses the federal planning requirements that are the responsibility of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) as the organization authorized to carry out the transportation planning process. Specific LRTP requirements are itemized in CFR Title 23, Section 450.322. The LRTP must contain the following elements and perspectives:

  • Address a 20-year planning horizon;
  • Include long-range and short-range multimodal strategies that facilitate efficient movement of people and goods;
  • Be updated at least every five years to keep consistent with existing conditions plus re-evaluate proposed plans, programs and projects;
  • Identify transportation demand over the plan horizon;
  • Include citizen and public official involvement and participation in the plan development process;
  • Consider local comprehensive and land use plans; and
  • Include a financial plan.

The development of the LRTP is a collaborative effort using input provided from regional government, agencies, citizens, committees and staff.

The current LRTP, the Montgomery Study Area 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan, was adopted in September 2015.  Additional information and links to the download the plan can be found on the Montgomery Study Area 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan